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Spafinder Gift Card

Spafinder Gift Card
With Spafinder gift cards, enjoy manis-pedis, massage, haircuts, blowdrys and wellness retreat getaways, as well as many other services at locations near you.
Use card to purchase goods/services at participating U.S. locations; see for list. Treat this card like cash; no replacement if lost/stolen. Not reloadable; no cash redemption except as required by law. Funds don't expire; if Valid Thru date has passed, call for a new card. For balance inquiry/customer service, call 1-855-521-1743 or visit Spafinder is not responsible for goods/services provided by third parties. Issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC; distributed and serviced by Blackhawk Network California, Inc.
Present Gift Card before service. Single Use Only.
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